The Training Lab
  Go Ruck Tough Challenge

Washington, DC November 10-11th

What is “Go Ruck Tough”? It’s an event that lasts anywhere from 12-14 hours. It’s not a race, it’s not about you, it’s about the people by your side, the individuals that become your team. That is the only way you will surviveIt’s designed to push you physically and mentally to the brink, over and over again, until you are hardened and able to take on any task with confidence, regardless of the odds  or until you break (hence why you need to bring cab fare). This is not something that you do because you friends are doing but because you’ve looked deep down inside and decided that you need a true challenge. You must want to be there, if not you will not last. So be honest with yourself before you make the decision to partake. Colter, Matt, and I will be there as team members not team leaders, we will be suffering right next to you.
In the soft-boiled world of today with heated toilet seats, A/C set to freeze your ass off and more food than we can stuff our faces with, it’s no surprise that people fail at the slightest tinge of suffering. What’s interesting to me is that, in a world full of softies, cultivating mental resilience provides an incredible advantage. By building the ability to stick it out as those around us give way, you are setting yourselves up for success. I believe humans don’t mind hardship, I think they thrive on it but only if they feel essential to the task. That’s something I learned in the Marines and you guys have learned a portion of that in class. 
I’ve been down this path before and there no words that can describe it besides “It f’n sucks” and you have to embrace the suck to survive. However, it ends eventually and when you finish, your perception on everything in life will change a bit and for the better.
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Ruben Belliard