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  Go Ruck Tough Challenge

New York City, NY September 7-9th 2018

What is “Go Ruck Tough”?   It’s an event that lasts anywhere from 12-14 hours. It’s not a race, it’s not about you, it’s about the people by your side, the individuals that become your team. That is the only way you will surviveIt’s designed to push you physically and mentally to the brink, over and over again, until you are hardened and able to take on any task with confidence, regardless of the odds  or until you break (hence why you need to bring cab fare). This is not something that you do because your friends are doing it but because you’ve looked deep down inside and decided that you need a true challenge. You must want to be there, if not you will not last. So be honest with yourself before you make the decision to partake.
  In the soft-boiled world of today with heated toilet seats, A/C set to freeze your ass off and more food than we can stuff our faces with, it’s no surprise that people fail at the slightest tinge of suffering. What’s interesting to me is that, in a world full of softies, cultivating mental resilience provides an incredible advantage. By building the ability to stick it out as those around us give way, you are setting yourselves up for success. I believe humans don’t mind hardship, I think they thrive on it but only if they feel essential to the task. That’s something I learned in the Marines and you guys have learned a portion of that in class.
  This year we will embark on the journey to complete a Go Ruck, whether it’s the heavy (24hrs), the Tough(12hrs), the light (6hrs) or all of them combined HTL. We will be doing it during the September 11th weekend. The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 changed America and the lives of Americans forever.  Theirs no better way to honor the fallen. Never forget.
  I’ve been down this path before and there no words that can describe it besides “It f’n sucks” and you have to embrace the suck to survive. Last September, 12 crazies joined me on my quest to complete this event and we all made it through. This will not be easy, but when you finish, your perception on everything in life will change a bit and for the better. Below are a few after thoughts from the first Go Ruck participants.
There is no way I would have been able to complete the ruck without the customized training or without our group. The training prepared me physically & gave me the confidence that I was capable of doing it and our group was the support & safety net around me that mentally got me through it. – Fran
  These things were HARD, and I don’t think I have ever put myself through such a long and grueling activity as the first training operation through the park, which was just the beginning. I never had to worry about what was coming next, whether I was doing enough, or whether I could do any of these crazy things because we were all doing them together. – Dan
  This wasn’t about being in the best shape or having the strongest muscles…It was about having the biggest heart; about being a fighter when it was so easy to just give up.  It was about being selfless and sacrificing your own comfort for someone who needed it more. I have learned that we are all capable, no matter the age, of accomplishing great things, especially when we work as a unit.  When we feel like there’s nothing left in our tanks, there is still a little more fight left in us. – Jolis
        My perspective in life will be forever changed.  The GoRuck is definitely not easy, it’s humiliating, it makes you feel vulnerable, it takes your mind to very dark places and it just simply SUCKS.  Someone just asked me if I was “happy” I did the event.  I can’t say it was a happy moment but it sure was an unforgettable experience.  -Jenny
  What I learned about myself…. I re-learn this over and over, but I am stronger than I realize and stronger than my own self-imposed limits. Even more…..I find I classify myself as a glass half empty not half full person and through this process, I have realized that it’s not worth the energy to allow my weak thoughts consume my even stronger capabilities. – Shelly
  TTL Training You will have to do very specific training to prep for this event on top of everything you are currently doing.  We’ve designed a training schedule/program to help everyone prep for this event and finish it. Training schedule date are listed below, times TBD the training happens rain or shine. All session are 4+ hours
  1st session June 10th
2nd session June 23rd
3th session July 14th
4th session July 28th
5th session Aug 11th
6th session Aug 25th  
  Training session are progressive so save the date. Cost for training is $199. Once you join the team you’ll get a code to get 25% discount for the price of the event and 15% off all gear bought through Go Ruck. We’ll give you guidance on what works and what doesn’t but a lot of it will happened during training.
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