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Located in Midtown Manhattan, The Training Lab (TTL) is a new state-of-the-art strength and conditioning gym. Named best new gym in America by Men’s Fitness (2017), TTL Instructors provide a comprehensive workout program that is diverse and physically challenging.  Instructors provide challenging yet fun classes that help athletes learn and improve their abilities across every mode of fitness. Whether you’re a new athlete or lifelong fitness junkie, TTL’s community will welcome you with open arms.

We only have one expectation from you. That expectation is simply EFFORT.

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Amazing gym!  If you want to see yourself transform, this is the place! You’ll amaze yourself with how quickly you become stronger. No one will push you past what you’re capable of accomplishing, so, whether you know it or not, try when they say you can because you’ll surprise yourself!


I’ve bounced around a bunch of gyms over the years, but I finally found my regular gym at the Training Lab! Definitely not a leisurely walk in the park, I’m pushed to the limit every time I come here. Every class is different.  The space is spacious, clean and not overly clubby like some of other gyms in the area.


What keeps me motivated – the community. There is always someone walking through the gym or working out with me  saying ‘Come on Shawn, keep moving.’ That is EVERYTHING for me. I had a few things in my life that let me down and this isn’t one of them; the community is what pushes me and keeps me going.

Shawn A. Wright

TTL is not just a program or exercise routine or gym for that matter. Every day comes with a new challenge/goal. The Trainers are constantly pushing me to new levels. I’ve gained strength both physically and mentally that I never had before in my life.  I always leave feeling encouraged and with a positive attitude. 

Shelly Mady

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