2024 – GET AFTER IT!

Listen up Freaks! 

It’s a new year, and I’m not here to sugarcoat shit or spoon-feed you feel-good crap. All those motivational talks and self-help books? Worthless, unless you get off your ass and take action. 

Don’t drown in the sea of ‘advice’ and ‘strategies’ that flood in every New Year. Here’s the hard truth – success isn’t about what you read or hear or who you follow; it’s about what the fuck YOU DO.

Here’s the deal: set a 2024 goal for yourself. It should be #1 a fitness goal (duh) and #2 something that scares the shit out of you. 

Trust me, you need this. Society’s trying to pacify us, telling us to be gentle, virtuous, to hide our fire – to that, I say: FUCK THAT. Don’t blend in. Show those motherfuckers who you are. Be the goddamn storm in a world that’s too calm and complacent. 

For those already spewing excuses, “I don’t have time” – newsflash, nobody has time handed to them on a silver platter. The ‘perfect moment’ is a damn myth. You don’t find time; you make it.

This is your year to be fiercely unapologetic about what you want for yourself and transform into the fucking savage they didn’t see coming. Don’t end 2024 year asking yourself, ‘What the fuck did I even achieve?’ The journey to your goals isn’t a scenic stroll. It’s a brutal, unrelenting marathon through hell. And you better start running.