At the Lab we train hard and train smart. We focus on mechanics, consistency and intensity. Fitness in our perspective is the ability to perform a task. Whether that’s to run a half marathon, complete a triathlon, simply lose weight or just be a better version of yourself. Our program we will give you a foundation that enables you to reach all your goals.

You are what you repeatedly do. You are not what you do occasionally.

We challenge you to be consistent.



The single most important thing humans can do for their health is exercise regularly. Our training day class is approximately 55 minutes of high intensity, total body workout, which will also have a barbell movement to it. We add a teamwork element to the class as much as possible, along with our staple calisthenics workout with cadence. There are also dumb bells, kettle bells and battle ropes along with many other accessory items that we may incorporate into a circuit.

Mar 2nd- Mar 30th 
Monday – Squats
Tuesday – Pulls ups (back)
Wednesday – Over Head Press
Thursday – Deadlift
Friday – Bench Press