HYROX has redefined the fitness race, striking the perfect balance between accessibility and challenge to create an event that is inclusive yet demanding. This race calls on participants to summon their inner strength and endurance, taking on 8 x 1km runs interspersed with 8 functional workouts. This formidable duo not only tests physical capabilities but also mental resilience, pushing natural movement skills to the limit.

We are thrilled to be an official gym partner of HYROX, offering a specialized class crafted specifically for this event. With the guidance of our official HYROX coaches, you’ll be fully equipped to take on the challenge that lies ahead.

The Training Lab stands as a sanctuary for fitness enthusiasts, fully equipped with all that you need to prepare for the unique combination of running and functional workouts that HYROX entails. Our team of elite coaches, who have stood on the podium at races, are dedicated to providing a training program that is not only effective but also specifically tailored to meet your needs. They are with you every step of the way, offering their expertise and support as you gear up for HYROX.

But it’s not just our facilities and coaches that make The Training Lab special; it’s our vibrant community. Here, you’ll find yourself in the company of individuals who share your passion for pushing boundaries and achieving greatness. When you join us, you’re not simply signing up for a gym; you’re becoming part of a family that will inspire and drive you to reach your full potential.

So, if you’re set on taking on the HYROX challenge, we invite you to join us at The Training Lab. With our unparalleled facility, experienced coaches, and supportive community, we have everything you need to succeed. Let us be part of your journey to greatness, ensuring that when you cross the finish line, you do so with pride, knowing that you gave it your all.