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Ruben Belliard, founder of The Training Lab, is a driven individual who hails from the vibrant Lower East Side of New York City. His relentless pursuit of an active lifestyle and a desire for new experiences led him to join the Marine Corps, where he served as an infantry rifleman, an Instructor at The Basic School in Quantico, VA, and participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom during the period from 1997 to 2004.

After his honorable service in the Marines, Ruben decided to channel his passion for fitness into a rewarding career in Manhattan. Drawing inspiration from his time in the military, he discovered the immense potential that lies within individuals when they push their limits and embrace the notion of “trying.” This belief shapes Ruben’s personal lifestyle and forms the foundation of his client training philosophy.

Ruben’s personal achievements in various disciplines highlight his dedication and commitment to physical excellence. He has successfully competed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at a national level, conquered Ironman and all distance triathlons, excelled in cycling, running, and even triumphed in challenging obstacle races.

In 2008, Ruben established Warrior Fitness Boot Camp, a venture he owned and operated until 2016. During this time, he closely observed his clients’ evolving fitness interests and the difficulties they faced when attempting to make significant changes. Motivated by a desire to help people develop a strong foundation that empowers them to pursue their aspirations, Ruben established The Training Lab. Through this innovative endeavor, he educates individuals and challenges preconceived notions about their own capacities, drawing inspiration from his military training. At The Training Lab, the focus is on training hard and training smart, fostering an environment where clients can surpass their perceived limits and achieve their goals.