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Ruben Belliard, founder of The Training Lab, grew up on the Lower East Side of New York City. Seeking a more active lifestyle and new surroundings, he joined the Marine Corps and served from 1997-2004 as an infantry rifleman, Instructor at The Basic School in Quantico, VA and overseas in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

After the Marines, Ruben decided to follow his passion and followed a career in the fitness industry in Manhattan. He quickly learned in the Marines that you are capable of so much more than you think if you just try, and applies this to his personal daily lifestyle and client training. He’s competed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at a national level, Ironman, all distance triathlons, cycling, running and obstacle races.

In 2008, Ruben started Warrior Fitness Boot Camp which he owned and operated until 2016. Throughout his career he saw how his clients’ interest in fitness evolved and the struggles they had when trying to make a change. He created The Training Lab to help people build a foundation that would allow you to do anything you wanted. He’s educating and breaking predetermined assumptions people have about their capacities with inspiration from his military training – at The Training Lab you train hard and train smart!