TTL Super Squad

TTL Super Squad (SS) and Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

There is something in the Marine Corps called Super Squad. It is a squad of Marines that are handpicked from within each company to be a part of an elite team of stellar performers. The squad of Marines trains twice a day, similar to how we train at the Lab and how we trained during our ruck training ops for the Go Ruck Tough event that several of us did in DC. Training is brutal and unforgiving but it served it’s purpose of creating outstanding performers. From time to time, the super squads from each company would compete against each other to see who the best was. TTL will have a Super Squad that is similar. To become part of this elite team will not be an easy task, but if you can persevere and overcome, you will hold a badge of honor that you can be proud to have earned and you’ll likely have become a better person in the process too.

What does being on the TTL Super Squad actually mean?

Being part of the TTL SS is not for the average individual. It is for the high caliber team player who constantly thrives to be better, not just more FIT. Understand that being able to squat a certain amount of weight or do a certain amount of burpees in record time or run suicides fast is not entirely what SS is about. SS is about persevering and constantly improving yourself and the people around you. It is about teamwork and being a go getter. These things come first and everything mentioned before is a by-product. Lastly, being a member of TTL SS means you are an ambassador for yourself as well as your team and everything you have accomplished as well as The Training Lab, therefore you must carry yourself as such.

What does being a part of TTL Super Squad mean for you?

First, like the patch you get for completing GORUCK event, you will get a special TTL Super Squad patch. You will also be officially listed on TTL’s Super Sqad page. You could also be called upon to complete events in the face of TTL if need be. Any special events that TTL hold, you will be among the individuals to take part. Make no mistake, this accomplishment is not driven by prizes or rewards but by aspiring to be better, by constantly fucking challenging yourself and getting after what you want and can become.

Requirements to be on TTL Super Squad

  1. Must be a current member of The Training Lab with a minimum of 20 classes attended within a two month timeframe.
  2. Must successfully complete ANY GORUCK TOUGH event after time of application.
  3. After completion of GORUCK TOUGH, you must submit a hand written document explaining two things:
    1. Explain what you struggled with the most on your TOUGH event and how how you overcame it.
    2. Describe what teamwork and comradery mean to you. This will be kept in a binder for SS members ONLY to read as they please so we can all share our experiences and see other people’s perspectives and struggles.
  4. PFT First Class Elite score (explained later).
  5. Must possess the following character traits: integrity, humility, and unstoppable determination.

TTL Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

There are 5 areas of fitness to be tested: cardiovascular, mobility, upper body strength, lower body strength, and core strength.

Each area is worth a total of 20 points for a total of 100 points.



BW = body weight

EventMinMaxMore Information
5k Run *Men – 28 minutes,
Women – 29 minutes
Men – 18 minutes,
Women – 19 minutes
To gain a minimum of 10 points, you must complete it in a minimum of amount of minutes. You will only get a half a point for every 30 seconds faster, leaving a total of 20 points for making the maximum.
Overhead Squat **50% BW×580% BW×5Each 50% rep is worth 2 points. 65% reps are worth 3 points each. Each 80% rep is worth 4 points.
Pull Ups ***Men – 3, Women – 1Men – 20, Women – 10Each pull-up is worth 1 point for men, 2 points for women.
Back Squats **80% BW×10100% BW×10The minimum requirement earns you 10 points, nothing less, or the first rep of the 10% BW will also earn you 10 points and every rep after is worth 1 point for a total of 20 points.
Plank ****2 min5 min2 min. earns you 10 points. Every 18 seconds thereafter earns you another 1 point for a maximum of 20 points.


* The first thing on the PFT to be completed is the 5k run. This will be done individually on the person’s own time outside of TTL. This is the only part of the PFT that is not proctored and is considered to be based on integrity.

** Thighs must go beneath parallel to count for points.

*** Performed strict. Chin must go above bar and arms must fully extend to count for points (overhand or underhand is permitted).

**** Must maintain 90 degrees at elbow joint.


The following will be the order in which the test will be given:
  1. OHS
  2. Pull-ups
  3. Back squat
  4. Plank
Scoring classes:
  • PFT 1st class elite: 95 or above.
  • PFT 1st class: 90 – 94.
  • PFT 2nd class: 80-89.
  • PFT 3rd class: 70-79.


PFT’s will be proctored and scores accepted once per quarter for a total of 4 PFT’s per year starting in 2018.

  • 1st Quarter: Mid March.
  • 2nd Quarter: Mid June.
  • 3rd Quarter: Mid  September.
  • 4th Quarter: Mid December.

Exact dates will be announced a month in advance.

Colter Mancini

Director of Training,

Email: Colter@traininglabnyc.com

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